What If Life Was A Musical?

I love musicals. Anyone who knows me knows this fact. I am a chorus nerd from high school, during which time my love of musicals was expanded. I am of the opinion that life would be better if people just randomly broke into song and dance, for absolutely no reason or because it fits the situation.

I love to sing. Anytime, anywhere. Yes, I am that mom who sings in grocery stores. Just ask my kids about my grocery store version of “Come Sail Away”. I really do not care if people hear me or what they think about my breaking into song. I sing in the car, in any public place, and at home, sometimes with flair, sometimes not.

I discovered on Thursday night just how mentally painful it can be to hear a great song and not be able to sing it with flair. I was in the salon chair, having my eyebrows waxed. The songs that had been playing previously were of the take-it-or-leave-it variety. Then “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on. Oh, how I love that song and love Queen. I could go into great detail on why I love both, but that would take up at least one devoted post, if not two. So here I was, in the chair, wanting to keep some of my eyebrows, so I did not sing. Believe you me, it was very difficult not to break into a Wayne’s World-esque production. It got me thinking, what if life was a musical? What would I sing and why?

Out of pure laziness, I would borrow songs from the musicals I love best. Who doesn’t want to stand in an open field or second floor of Haywood Mall, Dillards section, singing “The hills are alive! With the sound of music!” Besides the likelihood of being accosted by the mall pseudo cops, it would be fun. “Beauty School Dropout” would be fun, but sung in a salon, would probably make the stylist upset. I once heard a guy singing “Figaro” from the top of the El Castillo pyramid at the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. Right on, man! Keep that up! Is there a woman, or man, that doesn’t sing “I Feel Pretty” while looking in the mirror? “Off To See The Wizard”, complete with dance moves? Anyone? Anyone? Anything from Mary Poppins can be relatable to life. “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” often, and I mean OFTEN gets stuck in my head.

Some songs are appropriate for other times, too. “What I Did For Love” is guaranteed to make me cry. Anything from Les Miserables fits that bill. There is at least one song from every Disney musical that makes the tears flow.

So what would my musical be like? For that, I do not yet have an answer. I can think of many songs, mostly from my playlist and not actually from musicals, that would fit. It would be a work in progress and not be finished, I hope, for many years. Maybe my life is a musical in production.