This child keeps me on my toes, laughing the whole way.

Oh my little monkey Caleb. He’s a mess and always keeps me laughing. I really should write down all the funny things he says and keep it for when he is older.

For people not familiar with special needs kids and how the school district manages them, there are meetings upon meetings to come up with individualized educational plans (IEPs), and behavioral intervention meetings. I had a meeting with the school not too long ago. The teachers, school psychologist, and principal were there. The kids’ school has a great principal. He knows all the kids by name and always has a smile on his face. During the last meeting, he shared with me a Calebism. Every morning when Caleb sees him, he tells him “Mr. McCray, you have a bald head!” Usually Mr. McCray responds with something like he forgot to put his hair on that morning, etc. He just loves that Caleb says that every day, like it’s news to everyone. But my little guy is observant and honest, sometimes brutally so.

Caleb turns six this weekend. I have a hard time believing that the baby I once held is now a little boy, full of joy, and lots of mischief. Autism has not slowed this kid down. He barrels through life like a freight train. He hugs people like a linebacker. Backstory: Caleb’s occupational therapist is not only working on his fine motor skills, but also helping him know how to react in public. She went grocery shopping with us on Saturday. She made Caleb push the cart the whole time, so he could figure out how the maneuver around people and things. I think he had an extreme hatred for the cart by the time we left the store. I am hoping he’ll stop acting like a whirling dervish in public now. I doubt it, because being quiet is not his personality, but a mom can hope, right?

The other day I reminded him that his birthday is coming up soon. Then he informs me “Mommy, when I am six, I am going to get a job!” He gives the same answer to everyone who asks him. He’s not familiar with child labor laws, so his work will be helping around the house for now. What six year old tells you that he is getting a job on his next birthday? He’s a hoot. His OT and I decided that his first job should be an intragrocery transporter, i.e. push the cart.

His OT has been working with him on his handwriting as well. He’s got great penmanship for a kindergartner. She discovered recently that Caleb loves to write letters and put them in the mailbox. He wrote his grandparents, thanking them for his Christmas presents. He wrote a letter to his school principal, reminding him that he has a bald head. This week, he’s mailing a letter to Spongebob Squarepants. I’m not sure what it’s about, but I am sure I will laugh about it.

Oh this child! He is a gift from God. Obviously, the Man Upstairs knew I need to laugh daily, so he gave me a humorous child. There is no telling what this child will become in the future. I think he will do great things. And we will be laughing all the way.