A big fat f*$! you to the horror internet community for scaring the s%$* out of my child! 

My son has inadvertently discovered Creepypasta characters Jeff the Killer and Slenderman. I don’t know how he found out about these monsters of horror fiction, but he did and he thinks it’s all real. He’s nine years old and very sensitive so this has been traumatic for him. Therefore, I am pissed. What kind of lunatics create this bullshit and perpetuate it on the internet where kids can see it? 

I decided to do some research and what I’ve found is so disturbing, it would give me nightmares! I found all kinds of sites dedicated to Jeff the Killer specifically, since this is the character that has my son frightened and traumatized. I am incensed to find no websites boycotting Jeff the Killer. Do parents not know about this? 

As a mother, I have failed my child in allowing too much exposure to the internet. That has been remedied. However, my son still thinks this is real. He is traumatized to the point that he is having fear-driven hallucinations day and night of this character being in our house. He jumps at every noise. He turns on every single light in the house every day and night. He can’t sleep. He can’t be in a room alone. He can’t go outside. He’s regressing behaviorally. All of this because of a damn internet character. This mama is mad and going to do something about it.