Thank you to my loved ones

Thank you to my family and new friends for making my life brighter. I love you all.

When I look back on 2015, I see all of you and how blessed I am to be surrounded by loving people. Some of you I have known my entire life and others of you I have just met. But each of you plays an important role in my life. Thank you for standing by me and being a source of encouragement in the dark times and rays of sunshine in the good times. I love you for different reasons, but all are equally important.

Thank you for listening when I poured my heart out. Thank you for holding my hand when I needed help navigating the darkness. Thank you for loving me when I was unlovable.

Thank you for your laughter. It has encouraged me more than you know. Laughter makes the days better and I am forever grateful.

As I reflect back on 2015, I see you, my family and my friends. I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope that 2016 is a better year than 2015 because years should be better as we grow. Thanks for helping me grow.

Merry Christmas to everyone.