My little blond haired boy is nine

My little blond haired boy is nine years old today. He’s not so little anymore. He’s kind, thoughtful, sensitive, and loving. He’s also stubborn, bossy, and oh so talkative. I’ve heard many a detailed Hemingway-esque account of every second of every dream he had the night before, usually while I am trying to sleep in. He is now debating over whether his favorite color really is blue or if he’s decided red is better. He is a rabid Clemson Tigers football fan and was despondent that they lost the National Championship. He says he’s going to Clemson someday, but he doesn’t know why or exactly what for.

This kid I gave birth to is so smart. He wants to be an astronomer, astronaut, and work for Nintendo to create more Mario games. He still doesn’t believe me when I tell him that I played Super Mario Bros at his age.

This child was my gift for my 33rd birthday. Having birthdays two days apart is great, except when I am at the pharmacy picking up meds for both of us and I give 6/10/07 as my birthday. What? I look like a little boy, right?

When he turned seven, he asked me how old I was going to be. I told him fourty years old. He said “Wow Mom, fourty is A LOT older than seven!” The fact that he’s still here after that statement speaks to the love I have for this kid. He has now made it a habit to tell me that I am young.

I’ve heard it said that little boys really love their moms. He sure does. I get hugs and I love yous all the time, except in public, of course. He always compliments me on my hairstyle and how pretty he thinks I am. He even helped me pick an outfit for work last week.

As I look at him sleeping right now, I see a tiny glimpse of that little baby I gave birth to, the one who turned into a rambunctious toddler and preschooler and is a daredevil extraordinaire. I’m not sure we were going to make it through the twos and threes, nor did I think he would ever learn to potty train! I also see the little boy who took kindergarten by storm, had a crush on his first grade teacher, and has adored his second and third grade teachers. I see a child who is a people pleaser and loves to help. I see a boy whose mission in life is to protect his little brother and make his mommy be proud. I also see a child who is an expert at Minecraft and playing his Wii U and is well on his way towards being a Lego master builder.

This child is a blessing and God blessed me by making me his mommy. I love you Eli, my favorite nine year old boy.