Lighten Up People!

I am thinking about taking a Facebook sabbatical. It seems as though people are getting bent out of shape for insanely minute reasons. It became crystal clear to me tonight just how ridiculous people have become. I was attacked personally for making a joke about Donald Trump’s hair. WTH?!? I don’t think the woman who attacked me is one of his relatives or a personal friend of his. She then went on to call me a Bernie Sanders-loving nazi-feminist or something like that. That’s quite a leap from making fun of a man’s truly terrible hairdo. In actuality, I don’t like any of the Presidential candidates and have no clue which is the lesser of evils. The only nazi attitude I have is towards bad grammar.

Now I am not saying that it is okay to make fun of everyone. But it seems to me as though priorities are screwed up when people cannot laugh anymore. Everyone is so easily offended these days. No one can speak their mind anymore.