No New Years Resolutions

As 2017 is starting, I’m not making any New Years resolutions. Why? Because saying I am going to lose 50lbs or not drink Coke and eat chocolate are not realistic and might last one day, though I would love to lose 50lbs. I have decided this year to resolve to do things that we should all be doing every day. 

Love more, despite people having different opinions, belief systems, political views. It is a tenet of my own faith to come to people out of a place of love. To be able to care about someone despite disagreeing with them and not liking their behavior takes some maturity. It certainly doesn’t come easy and is something I have to work on every day. 

Be kind. I would consider myself a kind person, but I have room for improvement. Kindness is a must for me to do my job effectively and provide assistance to ill people. That level of kindness should extend to everyone.

Be patient. Patience towards others. Patience when driving is a big one for me. Patience waiting for God to reveal his plans for me and answer my prayers. I should hand my troubles to God, but my stubborness makes me want to take care of them myself, which usually ends in disaster. I would cause myself a lot less trouble if I can get my stubbornness under control and learn a little patience. 
I think, I hope these are resolutions that I can keep. Maybe I’ll get motivated o lose 50lbs. But I am absolutely not giving up chocolate!